Rumor: Bill Weasley, Voldemort to appear in Diagon Alley’s Escape from Gringotts ride!

Last week MuggleNet took you behind the scenes of the Diagon Alley construction, and now we’ve got even more exciting news for you: a description of the Gringotts ride experience!

This is being reported as a “RUMOR” only at this time, but we have reached out to Universal for comment.

SPOILERS AHEAD for those of you who don’t want to know what’s going to happen on the ride!

A post by Theme Park Insider has revealed the storyline of the upcoming ride. Like at Forbidden Journey in the Hogsmeade section of the park, waiting in line at Gringotts will be far from boring, even if the line is long. After waiting in an outside queue, you’ll get to pass by several Gringotts offices, eventually ending up in the office of Bill Weasley, who will explain how to open your Gringotts account.

After passing through this office, you will take an elevator “down” to the vault level of the bank before picking up 3D glasses and loading into a cart. The post describes the carts, pictured above, as follows:

“There are two track channels for the ride, and the ride vehicles are twin, 12-person, open-air cars, arranged in three rows of four. Each row is placed slightly higher than the row in front of it, in a “stadium seating” effect. The look of the cars is very Victorian, with a smokestack on each car, individual lap bars, and six Dolby speakers per seat for on-ride audio.”

After loading onto the cart, riders will see two tunnel entrances on a 3D screen right before Bellatrix and Voldemort appear and begin to attack you. This is when the ride will start to get really wild, dropping and tilting as you flee from Bellatrix and Voldemort. Soon enough, Bill, Harry, Ron, and Hermione appear to help, but they’re soon attacked by trolls. Riders will then travel through the Thief’s Downfall (a fogscreen with water spritzers). The cart will move about a bit more before taking a fall to the bottom of a cavern, where the dragon is waiting. Bill helps us escape the dragon, and the cart continues on its way, visiting Sirius Black’s vault before Voldemort and Bellatrix reappear.

In a thrilling turn, Voldemort then casts the Killing Curse at the riders, and the cart must swerve out of the way to escape. Just in time, Harry appears riding a dragon, ready to duel the oncoming Bellatrix and Voldemort. Harry saves the day, and the ride ends.

What do you think of this new ride? Does it sound better than Forbidden Journey? Let us know your thoughts!

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