Theater Review: “See How They Run”, starring Warwick Davis

by Jessica Summers

See How They Run is a classic British comedy set during the Second World War where an escaped German P.O.W and multiple cases of mistaken identity cause untold levels of chaos in the local vicarage where Warwick Davis plays the Reverent Lionel Toop.

The Reduced Height Theatre Company brings something extra special to this quintessentially English play. In this new venture Warwick Davis brings together a cast of by no means small proportions. Although the average height of the cast is just 4ft 2, this is not in any way the focus of the production. Warwick has made the innovative decision to scale down the set to suit the heights of the actors so the audience quite quickly forgets they are watching a short cast and instead focuses on the talent of the cast.

The play is brilliantly satirical and is wickedly funny. It builds to an almost chaotic level by the end of the first act and had the audience in hysterics throughout. Each actor brings something unique to the production but the youngest member of the cast, Francesca Mills playing the maid Ida, makes a particular impression – her timing is simply impeccable and she had the audience laughing every time she was on stage. Judging by the audience in Bromley’s response, the Reduced Height Theatre Company’s tour across the UK will be a resounding success.

At the end of the play, Warwick stepped forward making his thanks to his family, friends and all those involved with the creation and development of the Reduced Height Theatre Company. His last sentence was something that I think perfectly represents his new venture, quoting Yoda from Star Wars:

Size matters not.

See How They Run is traveling throughout the UK & Wales now thru May. Details & tickets can be booked at Reduced Height Theatre’s website.