Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Professor Flitwick,

What does it take to be a Ravenclaw? The sorting hat described Ravenclaw students as intelligent people who are eager to learn. What happens if you only fit part of the description? For instance you are eager to learn and understand the importance of education but you don’t share the extreme intelligence that other Ravenclaws have. Is Ravenclaw a place where students are eager to learn and take school seriously or is it a place where intelligent and sharp minded people study?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Dear Inquisitive Ravenclaw,

Ravenclaw is a house of great learning, but this does not only come in the form of academic study. Rather, we are people who value the mind above other traits. All sorts of different people end up in Ravenclaw, and while all students here enjoy learning in some capacity, not all of the students have the same talent at the same skills. There are some students who excel academically and others who are simply very creative and artistic. Some are hard workers while others get caught up in their other interests rather than their studies. There is no one type of person that defines Ravenclaw.

Prof. Flitwick