Five Reasons Why I Ship Harry and Cho

No relationship in the Potter series was nearly as honest or poignant as Harry’s with his first crush, Cho. I think the series may have come to a more interesting end if Harry had married Cho instead of Ginny. I am a Harry/Cho shipper through and through, and here’s why.

1) Cho felt safe with him.

After Cedric was murdered, Cho was heartbroken, but she opened up to Harry about her loss because Harry was one of the few people who knew what it felt like to lose someone close to him, in a way no one else did.

2) They complement each other.

Cho has a quiet but determined spirit, and Harry is the brave leader. Where Cho needs strength, Harry has it, while Cho has the intelligence and restraint to balance Harry’s recklessness.

3) She was Harry’s first crush.

I’m a total sucker for romance, and I think Harry and Cho’s relationship is sweet and innocent enough to warrant a fan base, although it doesn’t really set them up to be a power couple like Ron and Hermione are.

4) Representation matters.

Aside from the Patil twins and Angelina Johnson, Cho is the only main female character explicitly defined as a person of color, and she’s the only one to have a serious relationship with a member of the trio. People of color are not usually represented in fiction, and when they are, they don’t usually get to be part of a romantic story – the Asian girl doesn’t usually get the hero, but she really deserves to!

5) Cho always believed him.

Cho could have easily blamed Harry for Cedric’s death, but instead she opens herself up to him and trusts what he says about Voldemort, even though it would have been easier for her to blame him. She goes against her parents’ and friends’ wishes to join Dumbledore’s Army because she supports and trusts Harry that much.
What do you guys think about Cho and Harry?

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