Announcing MuggleNet’s monthly “Quibbler” contests!

Are you obsessed with rereading the Harry Potter series to find information you missed? Are you still upset that your OTP (one true pairing) didn’t end up together? Do you like analyzing Potter like any other piece of classic literature? Do you love poring over old theories in the Quibbler‘s archive? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then submit to MuggleNet’s monthly Quibbler contests!

Each month, we’ll give you a Potter-related topic to write about. You’ll have a few weeks to send us your best work, and then the winner(s) will have their work featured right here on MuggleNet!

This month’s topic is Forgotten Characters. There are hundreds of characters in the Harry Potter series. Everyone has their favorites, but some get a lot more love than others. Who’s your favorite under-appreciated character? Why are they secretly one of the most important people in the Potterverse? How would the series have been different without them?

To submit, send your response to You have until May 19, 2014, to send us an editorial, and then we’ll announce the winners the last week of May. Make sure you read the FAQ section before you hit “send,” and check out all of the articles in the Quibbler if you need inspiration!