Emma Thompson talks stunt driving and kissing Pierce Brosnan for “The Love Punch”

In a new interview, Emma Thompson discusses her role in The Love Punch, the upcoming comedy in which she and Pierce Brosnan play a divorced couple whose retirement money has been stolen by a young financier. To recover the money, they crash the financier’s wedding by kidnapping and impersonating Texan wedding guests. The film also stars fellow Harry Potter actor Timothy Spall as one of their friends who aid in the adventure.

The Love Punch involves some very physical activities, such as beach volleyball, paragliding, and scuba diving. Emma says she was able to do many of her own stunts.

I’m certainly not adept at volleyball, but I do dive, and I really enjoy paragliding. And I did my own stunt driving. I actually do the driving up and down the steps, with Pierce next to me, genuinely frightened. Each time we did it I drove up a step, so the angle got more acute, and Pierce’s terror became more apparent, which of course made me want to go further. It was heaven to be driving an ex-James Bond around.

In fact, Emma says, these were some of her favorite scenes. She can even imagine taking on action hero roles in the future.

I really loved that stunt driving. It made me want to do an action movie and more of that kind of thing. The dare-devilness of it, and being allowed to do something that’s illegal, was just bliss actually.

When asked what it’s like kissing Pierce Brosnan, Emma claims he is a good kisser.

I just messed up the scene in various ways, as many times as I could. He said, “Look, have I been kissing you all day?” and I said, “Yeeaaah…”

And whose wedding would Emma crash if she could choose anyone’s?

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Because you know what’s gonna happen, you know. ‘Congratulations, enjoy it!’

You can check out the trailer for The Love Punch here and watch a previous interview we posted here. Are you looking forward to Emma’s new comedy?

Catherine Lai

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