Forming an Animagus

Dear Professor Lupin,

I wonder how you transform into an Animagus. Does it hurt? Tell me everything that is worthy to know about Animagi because I really want to do it. Do you have any tips?


Always Animagus

Dear Always,

In truth, I would know somewhat less about becoming an Animagus than an actual Animagus themselves… for I am a werewolf and have never felt the sensation of transformation through any other way but my own. Having been present and accounted for during the attempts of my friends, however, I may be able to offer some advice.

When James, Sirius and Peter all decided to become Animagi, none of us knew just how large an undertaking that would be. You are Transfiguring your entire physical state into that of another species, except for your mind. Nor is it under your control which animal your Animagus will be, resulting in a particular x-factor in that the witch or wizard is unaware if their physical size will be increasing or decreasing…

The end result took years to accomplish with a great deal of studying and practice. My advice would be to do as much reading into the subject of Transfiguration as you can. Much of the principals governing that division of magic are, as you would imagine, paramount to your understanding of the transformation and therefore helpful to your success in achieving it. I would also state that there was a great deal of meditation between my friends and the larger world. They spent entire afternoons outdoors in nature, contemplating the existence of animals and beasts. To my understanding, you must become a more worldly-minded individual. Prepare to truly open yourself up to the experiences, prior to having them. To the degree that a wizard is able to harness magic, it is almost as if you transform your mind first, and train your body to follow.

Remus Lupin.