Good Old Fashion Explosion Charm in the Garden

Dear Professor Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody,

I would really like to know what your patronus is. I know it is a secret, as well as the Hogwarts House that you belonged to, but I’m really curious about it. So please, if it is manageable, share this information with me, I’m not giving it away for Death Eaters. :]

Your sincere admirer:

Nicole Wolf



Who gave you this address? How did you find me? All right, I’ll give you an answer, but you’d best destroy this as soon as you read it. My personal favorite method of letter destruction is a good old-fashioned explosion charm in the back garden.

My patronus is a kind of bird of prey. It’s very fierce and strong, and some might say we bear an eagle-eyed resemblance. No, no, no, not saying anymore here. Too risky. I’m currently trying to develop a technique so I can change my patronus at will, make it so my enemies can’t recognize me, throw people off my trail. But I’ve already said too much. Remember what I said about that explosion charm.

Constant vigilance!

-Mad-Eye Moody