The Harry Potter Alliance’s “Accio Books!” campaign returns

This week, the Harry Potter Alliance launched its annual “Accio Books!” campaign, which through May 31 will be hosting a variety of events across more than 70 of its chapters to support its yearly book drive. Since 2009, the Accio Books! campaign has collected over 100,000 books for underprivileged and underserved readers. This year, they plan to break all prior records with a goal of receiving 30,000 books donated.

Every participating chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance will be collecting books through May 31. Some will have other events planned throughout the campaign. For example, Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois’s chapter Alliance 4 Awesome will be hosting an HP Read-A-Thon this Saturday. Guests will be able to participate in a variety of events, including a live read-through of the first Harry Potter book, and there will be live music performed by wizard rock artists Seen and Unforeseen and Tonks and the Aurors. Crafts will be made, and food will be provided.

This year, books collected will primarily benefit the Brightmoor Community Center in Detroit, Michigan. The absolute best way to participate in the event will be by finding a chapter nearest to you and discovering their events. Or you could donate on your own with the helpful instructions found on this web page. And finally, for all remaining questions, a certain boy wizard has taken the time out of his busy Hogwarts career to address more topics in the video below.

Accio Books! ends June 1, 2014. Help promote books and reading for all. Donate your books today!

Eric S.

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