Rupert Grint talks “Postman Pat,” credits “Potter” with his professional freedom in new interviews; plus, check out his song!

We reported earlier this month that Rupert Grint attended the world premiere for Postman Pat, his new animated film based on the children’s television series. Now, two new interviews have been released in which Rupert discusses his upcoming movie and how much of his professional freedom he owes to Harry Potter.

Den of Geek has published their interview with Rupert  in which he talks about the television shows he watched as a child, his love of music, and his favorite Jason Statham movie (Crank). Rupert also discussed the importance of Harry Potter for his career, by allowing him to pursue projects that he’s passionate about:

Your career, though, is interesting. You see a lot of actors now who land standalone roles in the early part of their career and then maybe get a television show where they can develop a screen character over the course of seven or eight years. In your case, you seem to be doing that in reverse, though. When you pick work now, what are you looking for? Is there an appeal to playing a character who [sic] story goes start to finish in one project?

Do you know what, I really don’t know. My attitude is that I go with the flow. It’s nice to do a variety of roles. Harry Potter was fun, a huge part of my life, and I absolutely loved it. But it’s nice to kind of just be free and do what I want, to do different things. The more variety I get, that’s what I look for. Something completely different. That’s the excitement of it. Just good scripts, good directors.

I’ve got you pegged as a Bond villain in about 30 years time.

I would love that. Love that.

You’d be able to play on people’s expectations and twist them.

Yeah. It’s hard, because the [Potter] films were so popular, you’re ingrained in people’s minds forever. To some extent, in people’s minds I will always be Ron. It’s quite a challenge to completely detach myself from that. But that’s the challenge we’re all facing. It’s fun!

You couldn’t have picked a better pension scheme than Harry Potter, save for being cast in Doctor Who.

Ha, yeah!

You had your Clooney moment early. George Clooney, after Batman & Robin, realised he had the financial security to pick just the stuff he wanted to do.

Yeah, yeah. It’s amazing to have that security and to pick things you’re passionate about. I’m in no rush to do everything. I like taking it slow and enjoying things.

In his new interview with BBC News, Rupert seconds this claim, saying that he “owes a lot” to Potter and that he is “not consciously trying to really distance [him]self from it.”

The younger generation is starting to get into it, as are kids [who] weren’t even born when the first film came out; it’s amazing.

When asked which is the bigger icon, Postman Pat or Harry Potter, Rupert states,

I’d say Pat. Yeah, Postman Pat.  Harry’s more international, but I think he [Pat] is a bit more distinctive.

Entertainment Weekly has also posted Rupert’s song, “Struck by Lightning,” from the soundtrack of Postman Pat. Check it out below!

Postman Pat also stars Potter alumni David Tennant and Jim Broadbent.  It opens in UK theaters tomorrow.

You can check out MuggleNet’s exclusive TV spots for the film right here!

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