UPDATED: Robert Pattinson’s “The Rover” and “Maps to the Stars” both debut at Cannes Film Festival to positive reviews

We reported back in April that two of Robert Pattinson’s films (The Rover and Maps to the Starswere set to premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. And now, the Official Facebook page of the festival has posted photos of Robert at the event.


The Rover is a post-apocalyptic thriller set in the Australian outback.  The film is receiving critical acclaim for director David Michôd as well as Rob and co-star Guy Pearce (pictured above at the festival). News.com.au has posted a collection of reviews for the film. Variety has also posted their review of the film, which praises Rob’s performance, saying:

But it’s Pattinson who turns out to be the film’s greatest surprise, sporting a convincing Southern accent and bringing an understated dignity to a role that might easily have been milked for cheap sentimental effects. With his slurry drawl and wide-eyed, lap-dog stare, Rey initially suggests a latter-day Lennie Small, but he isn’t so much developmentally disabled as socially regressed — an overprotected mama’s boy suddenly cast to the wolves — and Pattinson never forces or overdoes anything, building up an empathy for the character that’s entirely earned. He becomes an oasis of humanity in this stark, forsaken land.


David Cronenberg’s Map to the Stars premiered at the festival as well. The film is a dark satire drama that stars Rob alongside Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, and John Cusack (all pictured at the event above). Indiewire has posted its review, which praises the film as “the director’s most twisted, and…  most deliciously entertaining film, in quite a long while.”  They also speak well of Rob’s performance, saying,

Robert Pattinson isn’t in it all that much (his role could argu[ably] be lifted from the film without too much problem), but yes, he’s pretty good in it.

You can check out a trailer for The Rover below, but beware: It contains mature content and language – viewer discretion is advised.