Fan Art of the Week: Portraits of Emma and Tom

It could be largely agreed that sketching faces is one of the most difficult feats to accomplish in the photorealism genre. This week we present to you two portraits done by Kristal of the Philippines. She sketched out Emma Watson with colored pencils and created Tom Felton using graphite pencils. Both drawings accurately show details of these two beloved Potter actors.

Staff member’s notes: The eyes on Tom’s portrait are amazingly realistic. Kristal was able to capture not only all the right reflections we can see in eyes but also the multiple shades within eyes that can be seen in close-ups. In the colored sketch of Emma, Kristal showed a real understanding of coloring and contouring of faces.

If you have an artistic creation of the Hogwarts saga itching to be seen by others, then send it in to us at today. Perhaps your art will make it on our front page news. Maybe you could even get inspired by the other creations on our fan art page or gallery?