Pottermore addresses account deletions

In two recent blog updates, here and here, Pottermore has addressed some recent concerns users have had about account deletions.

First, the Pottermore team addresses a common concern – what happens to house points when an account is deleted? Formerly, any house points a user had earned would disappear along with the account, but now the site is working on instituting a new policy:

We’re delighted to announce that we are modifying our policy regarding house points when users delete their accounts. As a one-time measure to our dedicated community, we’ve reinstated house points on accounts that were deleted from 1 August 2013 through to the present. This has resulted in the reinstatement of 400,000 points across all houses, including a whopping 200,000-plus to Slytherin. We are working on making this policy change permanent in the coming months.

Additionally, the blog addresses various issues that a few users have had regarding account deletions, including a delay in processing account deletions and accidental deletions. The technical problems underlying these issues have been identified, and Pottermore is working on fixing them:

We have identified technical issues, and we are actively addressing them now. In the next several weeks, we will communicate with the Pottermore community through this section of our website and assorted social media channels to inform you about our progress resolving the account challenges.

If you have experienced issues with account deletion, you can request help from Pottermore here.

Have you experienced any issues with account deletions? Are you caught up on Pottermore? Let us know in the comments!

Jessica J.

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