“The Quibbler”: When will you outgrow “Harry Potter”?

How long have you been a Harry Potter fan? A year? A few years? Since the first movie came out? Since the first book came out? Today, the Quibbler is featuring an editorial from a fan who’s been there from the very beginning. In her editorial “When Are You Going to Outgrow Harry Potter?” Potter fanatic Amy Luder shares her thoughts on what it means to love Harry Potter and why she’s in the fandom for the long haul:

With each movie that was released, those words were repeated again and again – “Isn’t it time you outgrew Harry Potter?” I couldn’t understand. Harry was part of who I was; how could you outgrow something so entwined with your own identity?

Check out Amy’s full editorial right here.

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Has anyone ever asked you if you’ll outgrow Harry Potter? Do you think you ever will? How do you keep the magic alive? Let us know in the comments!