24-HOUR GIVEAWAY! Win tickets to Toronto premiere of “The F Word”, starring Daniel Radcliffe!

Here is your chance to win tickets to the EXCLUSIVE Toronto premiere of The F Word (known as What If in the rest of the English-speaking world) – Daniel Radcliffe’s brand new film!

The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Monday, July 21 at the Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Canada.  We have FIVE pairs of tickets to give away – so keep reading for your chance to win!

Also, just in case luck isn’t on your side, the Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre has an additional exciting opportunity! The first few fans who show up at the theatre at 4 p.m. will have the chance to win tickets to the premiere. Not only does the premiere include the film, but there will also be plenty of games (with excellent prizes), and of course, Daniel himself!

To enter our contest, be sure to follow us on Twitter @MuggleNet since this is a Twitter only contest. Tweet out a message using the hashtag #IWantToBeDansFWord before 4 p.m. Toronto time on Monday, July 31. Five winners will be randomly chosen at 4 p.m. and notified via Direct Message.

Entrants MUST live in/near Toronto in order to win and have it noted as such on your Twitter profile.

Good luck!

Kat Miller

I am a 40-something Ravenclaw/Slytherin from Massachusetts. I've been lucky in life and can attribute a lot of that to Harry Potter. Without it, I wouldn't have at least 80% of the things I do today, including my career & closest friends. I truly despise Sirius Black.