Fan Art of the Week: Happy birthday!

Along with the wonderful fan film created to celebrate J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday, two of the people we have fan art profiles for sent us updates of projects they have created to help with the celebrations.

First we have Sandrino Pozezanac, the fan who created the awe-inspiring Hogwarts Castle model. This time around, he has produced a collection of 19 hand-made Harry Potter wands. The close-ups all show the true hard work and dedication Sandrino applied to each detail of the characters’ wands from the series.

Over the years since writing about his Hogwarts model, Sandrino has received multiple requests to show his process. Because of this, he has put together a video to illustrate the steps.

The next artist to have created more work is Emmanuel Oquendo. This time Emmanuel has branched out to using natural materials, such as coffee and flowers, as well as digitally created images. In all four, Emmanuel shows us beautifully portrayed drawings that catch the eye and have Rowling’s words come to life from a fan’s perspective.

Are you celebrating these magical birthdays with imagination like these fans or raising a Butterbeer glass in their name? Tell us in the comments below; plus, make sure to check out all of the other marvelous fan creations that these two created (and others) in the “Fan Art” section, or send us your creations to