Head of the Ministry of Magic’s Auror office

Dear Harry,

What job do you have?  Is Ginny really a Quidditch player?  How old were you when you got married?  You should play for the Tornadoes.


From Harry Potter
Quidditch World Cup
Patagonian Desert

Dear Someone,

It would appear the Ministry saw fit to forward my owls while I’m on vacation. While I’m certainly not amused at the prospect, I’ve had Ginny take the kids to the merchandise carts so that I can answer your questions in peace.

As you may have gathered, I currently work as Head of the Ministry of Magic’s Auror office. Despite what you may hear in the Daily Prophet from one Ms. Rita Skeeter, the scars I acquire on the job are under circumstances considerably less exciting than her writing implies. Being satisfied with my current position, one which I actively pursued during my educational career, I can’t say I’ve ever considered being a professional Quidditch player; I rather fancy staying out of the public eye. Even the crowd at the World Cup stadium yesterday was overwhelming. Besides, if I ever were to join a team . . . I can’t say the Tutshill Tornados would be my top choice (although they would certainly benefit from my Seeker skills, which aren’t at all rusty. Mind you, I’m no Roderick Plumpton).

My darling wife is a retired Quidditch player (and was a superb Chaser, thank you very much). She is currently the Sports reporter for the Daily Prophet; keep an eye out in the latest issue for her report on the Quidditch Cup finals!

As far as how old we were when we married? Old enough.

Fly high,