Jason Isaacs, Jim Broadbent discuss new roles and acting

We previously reported that Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter) was set to star in the miniseries Dig. Now Isaacs is speaking about his role. He stars as Peter Connelly, an FBI agent based in Jerusalem who, while investigating the murder of an archeologist, uncovers a 2000-year-old conspiracy. Isaacs describes his character as “damaged.”

He carries a lot of grief. He’s cynical, funny and world-weary. But he’s also very good at his job…  He is in every way braver, tougher, sexier and smarter than I am. That’s one reason I am an actor — I get to do things like that.

The filming, which took place in Jerusalem, included many locations that tourists don’t normally see. Isaacs says he enjoyed feeling the sense of history in these locations.

Isaacs also has a sex scene in the series. When asked how he prepared for it, he jokes, “I am more likely to shower if I am having sex with someone that day.” He then elaborates on the scene:

Not to be facetious about it, but it’s a nuanced, adult show. There are interesting, complicated relationships… We are work colleagues on this, and we are having sex, but we are not having a romance. Or are we [having a romance]?… Can we be friends? Who can be the boss? Things like that.

Dig also stars Anne Heche, Lauren Ambrose, and Alison Sudol. It will premiere in the fall on USA Network. The miniseries will have its own panel discussion at San Diego Comic-Con, which Jason Isaacs will be attending by satellite.

Meanwhile, Jim Broadbent, along with several other British actors, was recently interviewed by BAFTA about various aspects of acting. Broadbent says of how he chooses his roles,

I think I have always been a bit of a cherry picker from the word go.  I was quite strict myself about doing jobs, which meant I would find out something that I didn’t know before. Saying NO is the only real control you have over your career.

Concerning directors, he says,

Directors will cast like-minded souls who are going to get on. They’re all very idiosyncratic. They’re all quite eccentric, by and large, and they work their way, and you adapt and work with them.

See the interview below. It also includes comments from Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Farrell, James McAvoy, and Hugh Dancy.

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Catherine Lai

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