Little Did They Know

It’s funny to think about all the moments in your life. Whether they’re small, big, or seemingly irrelevant, they all work together. One moment leads into the next, which leads into the next, etc. One moment, whether you realize it or not, can change your entire life.

That’s exactly what happened on July 24, 1991, the day Harry’s first letter arrived from Hogwarts. It seemed strange to him that someone knew about him, that they thought him important enough to send him a letter. Uncle Vernon would later confiscate it and endure the torment of owls and subsequent letters (even on a Sunday).

Harry would eventually be rescued by Hagrid and told that he was a wizard, and not just any wizard, but one of the most powerful wizards that ever lived. Little old Harry Potter, who lived in a cupboard and was treated as if he barely existed, would have an incredible destiny ahead of him.

Let that serve as a little inspiration in your own life. Take every opportunity that presents itself. Don’t let fear or uncertainty stop you. You may just discover that you have an incredible destiny all your own.