Mansion used in “The Woman in Black” up for sale

Cotterstock Hall, also known as Eel House Manor in The Woman in Black, is now up for sale in Northhamptonshire!

Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe fans may recognize this beautiful English manor as the setting for the 2012 horror film where it was covered in cobwebs, surrounded by a mysterious bog, and of course haunted by the vengeful ghost of a woman scorned.

The actual manor, dating back 365 years, is now being sold for just £2,150,000! It is also a much less frightening place in real life. You can check out some pictures of the manor below:

You can find out a little more about the history of Cotterstock Hall on the Daily Mail.

To our knowledge, no witches or wizards have called this manor home, and since we all know that only witches and wizards can become ghosts in the afterlife, you should be able to purchase this manor without fear of any specters inside… maybe.

What do you think of Cotterstock Hall outside of The Woman in Black? Would you live here, if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments below!