WOULD YOU RATHER… Have the Sorting Hat or Peeves as Your Conscience? #MNWYR

While choosing, consider the following…




The Sorting Hat: The only thing standing between you and where you spend your seven years at Hogwarts. Famous for the various songs it sings at the annual Hogwarts start-of-term feast, each year being more philosophical than the last. Once belonged to Godric Gryffindor and saved Harry Potter from the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.



  1. A high level of intuition. The Sorting Hat has been known to warn of danger on occasion.
  2. High level of intelligence.
  3. A nearly operatic singing voice.
  4. Excessive pride (depends on what you find important in a personality).
  5. Usefulness. Cough, sword of Gryffindor, cough.


  1. Threat of multiple personality disorder. It can’t be easy shuffling through all of the qualities that make up the four different houses all the time.
  2. Excessive pride. The Hat never admits when it’s wrong. No one likes a know-it-all.
  3. You would most likely have a difficult time making decisions; I mean it takes you a whole year to make up a new song.
  4. Your ratty appearance will forever make mirrors your enemy.



Peeves: The infamous poltergeist trickster at Hogwarts known for knocking over suits of armor, terrorizing students, and making Filch want to quit his job on more than one occasion.



  1. Every time Filch threatens you, just remind him he’s a Squib.
  2. Being able to float through walls makes it very easy to swipe some Weasley products to use on student targets.
  3. A forever sly and clever mind.
  4. Despite your mischievous ways, you have been known to be helpful on occasion. You sure gave Umbridge a run for her Galleons.


  1. You will always be at the mercy of The Bloody Baron.
  2. With no moral compass to guide you, you’ll be more inclined to make bad decisions.
  3. From all the times you’ve used them for tricks, you’ll probably smell like Dungbombs most of the time.

So WOULD YOU RATHER…have The Sorting Hat or Peeves as your conscience? Comment in the discussion section or on Twitter using #MNWYR.

Thanks to Jeanna Marie for the inspiration for these posts!