Announcing the winner of the August “Quibbler” contest

Earlier this month, we asked you to weigh in on a topic that the fandom has long debated: Is Hogwarts a good school? We received some great entries, and now we’re excited to announce the winner.

Congratulations to Nadia Mulvihill! Nadia argues that what makes Hogwarts a great school isn’t just the secret passages and the magical creatures (although those are pretty cool), but it’s also the love of learning it instills in its students:

Hogwarts students go to school to learn magic. Muggle students go to school to learn… what they need to know, which is subjective in the wide world of Muggles. Ask a Hogwarts student what they did in school today, and it won’t be a bored sigh of ‘nothing’ but a description of working with their hands. A student who moved objects with a powerful wand or spent 20 minutes dicing up lacewing flies is not going to easily forget it.

You can read the full editorial right here on MuggleNet. What do you think of Nadia’s analysis? Does Hogwarts prepare young witches and wizards for the real—er—magical world? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Stay tuned for next month’s contest. While you’re waiting, you can check out the rest of the articles in the Quibbler. Happy reading!