Announcing the winner of the July “Quibbler” Contest

Last month, we asked you to write an impassioned defense of your Hogwarts House. We got some awesome entries arguing for the admirable qualities of all four Houses, and now it’s time to announce the winner!

So, put your wands in the air for Daisy Jesson! Daisy, a proud Slytherin, argues that her House has gotten a bad reputation because of its success. Sure, some people might abuse their power, but who ever said ambition was a bad thing? And the myth that Slytherins are automatically Death Eaters? Here’s what Daisy has to say on that subject:

I’d like to mention that being a Slytherin does not equal being a Death Eater. It is not noted what houses most of the Death Eaters were in. Our house will admit that we’ve produced a few bad eggs, it’s just that the others won’t.

Take a look at Daisy’s full editorial right here. Do you agree with Daisy’s assessment of Slytherin? Do you want to put in a last-minute bid for your own Hogwarts House? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to everyone who sent in essays this month! Check back soon for August’s contest, and in the meantime, give some of the other editorials in The Quibbler a read. When it comes to Harry Potter, you can never have too many opinions.