Five Favorite Characters From the Forgotten Houses Part 3

Finally, it is Slytherin’s turn to celebrate some of its best members. Slytherin is too often painted as the evil house, with little or no acknowledgement of how Slytherins have contributed to the series and helped Harry to defeat Voldemort. In the last installment of this mini-series, I will highlight five of my favorite Slytherin characters and why they should make you proud to be sorted into Salazar’s house!

1. Narcissa Malfoy: Okay, she is a death eater. But Narcissa Malfoy is also one of the fiercest mothers in the series. Narcissa would die for Draco the same way Lily did for Harry. Narcissa is willing to save Harry Potter just to make sure Draco is safe, and that kind of love and bravery is what makes her such a positive example of what Slytherins can be.

2. Regulus Black: My personal favourite, Regulus Black is one of the most badass members of Slytherin House. Few others in the series were clever enough to find out about Voldemort’s horcruxes, and brave enough to try and destroy them. Regulus died trying to take down Voldemort, so any time someone tries to tell you Slytherins are all evil and self-seeking, remind them of Regulus!

3. Andromeda Tonks: Andromeda Tonks is another brave Slytherin alum. Rebelling against her pureblood family, Andromeda married a Muggle-born, assisted the Order of the Phoenix and distanced herself from the Black family’s discrimination while also becoming a powerful witch and raising her totally awesome daughter, Nymphadora.

4. Draco Malfoy: Although he’s far from perfect, Draco is a great character. Slytherins are often stereotyped as cold and blindly ambitious, but Draco is, when he lets his guard down, incredibly human. Draco’s struggle between doing what is right and what he feels he must do because of his family is one of the most intriguing narratives in the series. Also, he saved Harry at Malfoy Manor, so ten points to Slytherin for that one!

5. Horace Slughorn: Slughorn is one of the more morally grey characters in the series: his obsession with fame and power is very characteristically Slytherin, but so is his loyalty to Hogwarts, and his fierce defense of his students and colleagues when Voldemort attacks. Slughorn’s desire to be influential is secondary to his pursuit of what is right for Hogwarts.