Luna and her Pets

Dear Luna Lovegood,

Do you have a pet?


Dear Alfia,

I have many pets! An extensive collection of creatures is a must when one is married to the grandson of the most famous magizoologist in wizarding history. Rolf and I have two outdoor kneazles; our owl, Octavius; a whole beehive (we named each bee, but there are quite a lot, so I won’t list them all here); four bats; a puffskein called Bettina (a gift from Ginny), six canaries; a family of jobberknolls, and one crup we christened Ronald (unfortunately, Ronald’s human namesake doesn’t find this to be quite the honor I intended–he thinks naming one of our pets after him was a slight! Silly man.).

Our newest pet was an unexpected surprise from Hagrid–a Thestral foal! The foal–who we named Claudius–was born with a bad leg and couldn’t be trained to pull the carriages at Hogwarts, so Hagrid thought we might like to take him in and raise him on our plot of land. Needless to say, we were delighted! We have a large paddock that he shares with our mooncalf, Esmeralda. There’s plenty of room for both of them, and Claudius seems perfectly happy. I look forward to teaching the twins to ride him when all three of them get old enough.

Until then…