Two-week Hogwarts camp in Worcester, Massachusetts, teaches that “real magic is in helping others”

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette has just posted an article about an awesome fandom event!

Hogwarts of Worcester was held from July 21 to August 1 at First Unitarian Church in Worcester, MA. The event is a two-week camp inspired by the world of Harry Potter and is open to children in preschool all the way through 12th grade.  The camp was developed by Jessica Gray, who portrays Headmistress Iris Imaginoria.

According to the Hogwarts of Worcester website, the camp includes:

  • A decorated three-dimensional theatrical environment – Hogwarts castle!
  • Diagon Alley (for supplies, like your own PERSONALIZED wand and hat) and the Sorting ceremony.
  • Working together as a team with one of our four houses (Phoenixfire, Waverider, Windhorse, or Stonedragon) to give service to the community based on hope, peace, love, and faith.
  • Learning healthy competition through Quidditch, challenges, a Harry Potter knowledge bowl and the House cup competition.
  • Costume challenges for students and staff.
  • Owl post, magical activities room, and the Room of Requirement
  • Exciting classes: Magical Creatures, Transfiguration/Charms (art), Defense Against the Dark Arts (drama), Incantations (music), Magical Forces (science), Divination (meditation), Arithmancy (math), Spell Play (drama), Potions (science), Herbology, Edible Transfiguration (cooking), and more….

As cool as the camp sounds, there is a bigger message behind it. As Gray puts it, “But most of all, the kids learn that the real magic is in helping others.” This year, campers are making fleece quilts for children who suffer from epidermolysis bullosa, an inherited skin condition that took the life of a staff member’s daughter.

This year’s camp was completely booked in May, but Gray is considering expanding the camp to three weeks next year. There is a fee of $400 per child for the camp, but discounts are available for the children of volunteers. Check out the Hogwarts of Worcester website right here!

Did you attend the Hogwarts of Worcester camp this year? Are you going to try to attend the event next year? Let us know in the comments!