Weasley twin personalities – more of the same

Dear Mr. Weasley,

I hope it’s not too painful to talk about, but I have always wondered if your brothers Fred and George had any differences in their personalities.

A Curious Gryffindor

Dear Curious,

It’s been quite a few years since Fred’s death, and I don’t mind talking about him at all. Actually, it’s quite nice. So thank you for asking this question! Fred and George always seemed to get paired off and treated like one person – which most of the time was pretty accurate. But being their younger brother – and frequent lab rat – I can tell you that Fred and George were definitely different people!

Fred was the spark. He would usually be the one to think up a prank or get the most upset when his side lost in our Quidditch matches. When Percy made Head Boy, he never stopped taking the piss out of him, even charming all of Percy’s badges to say ‘Pinhead Boy’. It was his idea to test Skiving Snackboxes on first years, and he created most of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes merchandise. He told the funniest jokes and could always make us all laugh, even Percy (if it wasn’t at his expense).

George, on the other hand, was usually a little less… disruptive. He still went in on all of Fred’s pranks, but he made sure that nobody REALLY got hurt. When Fred turned my teddy bear into a spider, George was the one who came back and apologised. Whenever they were perfecting a new bit of magic, Fred and George would often steal Scabbers to test it on, but only George ever asked permission. It didn’t mean Scabbers wouldn’t come back tinged purple for weeks, but it was still something. On the Quidditch pitch, George would constantly make sure his team was safe from Bludgers, whilst Fred was able to hit an opposing Chaser from forty yards away. They made a good team, and George had a hard time going on after Fred died, but what was most important to both of them were family and friends and keeping a smile on everyone’s face.

Anyway, cheers!