Would You Rather… Be a Beater or a Seeker?

            With the release of Mudbloods quickly approaching (eeeep!), I thought a Quidditch WOULD YOU RATHER was in order. One game, four positions. How do you choose?


weasley twins



            Arguably the second most important player in the game aside from the Seeker, the Beater’s job is to assist his or her team in preventing the opponents from scoring.


  • For starters, you get to carry a bat.
  • You have great aim (if not, you probably shouldn’t be a Beater).
  • Great outlet for anger management.
  • If a sworn enemy, such as a Malfoy, is on the opposing team, no one will question you hurtling a Bludger toward their face.
  • You join ranks with players such as the Weasley twins.


  • The other Beaters are pelting Bludgers back.
  • You generally have to fly with one hand; there’s a potential loss of balance that ends with you plummeting to the ground.
  • Hope you have a good Keeper; if not, it’s your fault if a goal is made.
  • If a Bludger hits a fellow teammate, it is, once again, your fault.


harry potter quidditch


            Probably the most important player in Quidditch, the Seeker is responsible for catching the Snitch, ending the game, and hopefully winning his or her team the match.


  • Game play is relatively easy. You sit back and observe the majority of the time.
  • You are usually the most popular player.
  • Harry Potter was a Seeker.
  • Generally, you are a quick and agile flier.


  • EVERYONE is out to stop you from catching the Snitch.
  • You have to fly with one hand or none at all.
  • You’re usually being fouled for something.
  • Sometimes house-elves curse Bludgers to chase you around the pitch.

So WOULD YOU RATHER be a Beater or a Seeker? Leave us your comments below or over on Twitter using #MNWYR. Also look for a follow-up article next week comparing Chasers and Keepers.


Thanks to Jeanna Marie for inspiring these articles.