Daniel Radcliffe on his favorite “The Simpsons” episodes

Ever since its debut in 1989, The Simpsons has become a part of pop culture, and even celebs have their favorite episodes. Vulture asked nearly three dozen celebrities what their favorite episodes of the show are, and Daniel Radcliffe was more than happy to share his, which might not come as a surprise.

I love my own episodes. It’s almost so surreal to watch them that I can’t. That was absolutely how I judged fame when I got the job of Harry Potter.

Daniel has appeared in a couple of episodes of The Simpsons, voicing the vampire Edmund in a Twilight spoof called “Treehouse of Horror XXI” and the character Diggs in the eponymous episode.

The second thought after, ‘I’m going to play Harry Potter,’ was, ‘Maybe I’ll get to be on Simpsons one day.’ And I did, so I can die happy.

He also shared a few of his favorite lines from the series, below:

One of my favorite lines is in one episode [‘The PTA Disbands’], when Lisa makes a perpetual motion machine, and Homer comes in and says, ‘In this house, we obey Newton’s laws of thermodynamics.’ That’s a brilliant line. Also, any of Troy McClure’s — ‘I’m Troy McClure and you may recognize me from Alice’s Adventures Through the Windshield Glass,’ when he’s doing a drivers’ ed video [in ‘Duffless’]. I can come up with more if you give me time.

On a related note, Harry himself has also appeared in a few episodes, including “Treehouse of Horror XII,” voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

Mackenzie Davis, Daniel’s co-star in new release What If?, also took part in the survey, answering that her favorite episode was “Marge Be Not Proud.” Other celebrities featured include Amy Schumer, Seth Meyers, Kelly Ripa, Matt Jones, and many more, all adoring fans of the show.

What are your favorite episodes of the show? Have you seen the ones with Daniel and Harry?