In memoriam: Bob Weitkamp, WB SVP Global Themed Entertainment

We true fans know that literally hundreds of people contributed to creating the world of Potter films that we love – not just actors, directors, and screenwriters but also people who worked behind the scenes in props, costuming, negotiations – the list is endless. This week the Potter community has lost one of the little-known but influential people who helped shaped the Potter fandom: Bob Weitkamp.

Bob worked for Warner Brothers as the Senior Vice President for Global Themed Entertainment in the consumer products division and was a key player in getting the team from the Potter films on board to work on the parks at Universal, guaranteeing the level of authenticity found in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley that has wowed millions of fans. Being immersed in Harry’s world while visiting Universal has been an emotional and exciting experience for many of us, thanks in part to Bob’s contributions. He passed away on September 4 after a long battle with cancer. Let us raise our wands to Mr. Weitkamp and send good thoughts to his friends and family. Thank you, Bob, for all that you’ve done.

You may remember that we recently passed the anniversary of the loss of another member of the Potter team, Stephenie McMillan, set decorator on the Potter films. Universal has recently honored her with a portrait hanging in Orlando’s Hogwarts castle, next to the portrait of Stuart Craig, her design partner on the films. Keep an eye out the next time you visit, and take a moment to remember those we’ve lost.

Jessica J.

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