Rupert Grint on Frank Finger: “I loved the character immediately.”

Rupert Grint‘s Broadway debut It’s Only a Play is well underway in previews and is set to open October 9. As the show’s big opening night nears, we’re hearing more and more from Rupert about his thoughts on the play. In a new interview with Broadway Direct, Rupert talks about what inspired him to tackle Broadway and how he likes performing as his character, Frank Finger.

When I read the script, I loved the character immediately. [Frank Finger’s] already been knighted and is on top of his game, but he’s sick of being glorified. He’s also a borderline kleptomaniac, bold and ridiculous and kind of crazy, which is really, really fun for me. The play has such a rich variety of characters, all wanting different things from the reviews.

You’d think it would be intimidating making your Broadway debut with five legends of the stage, but… well, it was, but Rupert seems happy to be along for the ride.

Soon after accepting the part during a Skype interview with director Jack O’Brien, Grint found himself in rehearsal with five legendary American stage stars. ‘On the first day, I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”’ he recalls with a laugh. ‘I was terrified, but everyone was really welcoming, and the audience response has been amazing.’

It comes as no surprise that Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s successful Broadway ventures had an effect on Rupert; he recalls visiting Dan backstage during his run in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Dan was just shaking with excitement, and I felt that I definitely wanted to have a go [at Broadway].

Writer Terrence McNally also has plenty of nice things to say about Grint and acknowledges the Potter pull Grint brings to the theater.

This is an ensemble piece, and I’m proud to introduce Micah Stock and Rupert Grint, who is a big deal because of the Harry Potter movies. When you see all the young people in the audience, he is the reason.

Are you one of those young people in the theater because of Rupert? How was his performance?

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