Pottermore Moments Revisited: You Go, Remus Lupin

Chapter 7: The Boggart in the Wardrobe

Chapter thoughts: The beginning of this chapter certainly gives people ammunition to hate on Slytherins as both Snape and Malfoy are absolutely foul (what kind of teacher poisons a student’s pet at the end of class?). However, we also get to see the wizarding world’s equivalent of Mr. Keating in Professor Lupin. Not only does Lupin give an extraordinary lesson, he makes his students feel worthwhile while doing it. Educators everywhere are sighing at the wonder of this teaching method. In any case, we learn about boggarts and learn what some of our favorite characters are most afraid of.

Moment 1: At last, we get a bit more interaction! This is such a fun moment as we get to cast the Riddikulus on Neville, Seamus, and Parvati’s boggarts. However, this moment is frustrating because to get to each new boggart, you have to refresh the entire webpage. Why couldn’t we just click like we do to zoom into moments? It would be much smoother. We also get a bit of new information on boggarts themselves, including what they are exactly (more like poltergeists and dementors) and a list of famous British boggarts.

ch 7 boggart


Chapter 8: Flight of the Fat Lady

Chapter thoughts: As October settles on Hogwarts, Harry is on a rollercoaster of emotions. First is the excitement of the Gryffindor Quidditch team’s determination to finally win the Quidditch Cup (inspired by a wonderfully rousing speech from Oliver Wood, bless him). However, this is tempered by Harry’s disappointment that he will be the only one left in the castle during the first Hogsmeade trip. Lupin does wonders to cheer Harry up by sharing a cuppa and some words of praise in his office, but when Lupin drinks a potion prepared for him by Snape, Harry can’t help but worry. To round it all out, the Hallowe’en feast ends on a bad note when the Gryffindors discover that Sirius Black has tried to break into their dormitory!

Moment 1: The Hallowe’en Feast

This moment is great if only for the fact that it shows what Hogwarts would be like for Harry if he wasn’t always being chased by trouble. We get to see the performance of the story of Nearly Headless Nick’s beheading and the Great Hall all decked out for an exciting feast. Personally, I think the moment in Lupin’s office would have been a more exciting choice, but this is a nice one as well.

ch 8 feast


Moment 2: The Slashed Painting

The most exciting thing about this moment is the new information from JKR about Hogwarts paintings (was this evidence she listens to Alohomora?). The new information helps answer some questions many people were asking in a later book, which makes it interesting to think that future generations that read the books for the first time while exploring Pottermore will never feel the need to ask these questions – they’ll already know the answers!

ch 8 fat lady


Sirius Black is in the castle and the reports are that he’s after Harry. But why not just attack in the Great Hall?

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