WOULD YOU RATHER… Be Stranded in Knockturn Alley or the Chamber of Secrets?

While clearly neither of these are vacation spots, you’d probably be inclined to pick one or the other (the lesser of two evils if you will). I present the third part in our miniseries. Enjoy!


knockturn alley


Located off of Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley is a wizard shopping area that specializes in selling objects and other things related to the Dark Arts.


  1. A good place to visit if you’re plotting revenge.
  2. Or if you’re planning to take over the wizarding world (cough, cough, Voldemort).
  3. The best Halloween decorations.
  4. You can buy Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent to protect your cabbages.


  1. Lots of Death Eaters.
  2. Slightly creepy atmosphere.
  3. You could run into Bellatrix… or Malfoy, and honestly, who wants that?
  4. A good chance of accidentally hexing yourself with a cursed object.

chamber of secrets 2


The Chamber of Secrets lies beneath Hogwarts, its entrance being a sink in the second-floor girls’ lavatory. It was built by Salazar Slytherin due to a disagreement with the other founders about what kind of students should be let into the school.


  1. Privacy. Few people go down there.
  2. A great place to bring a date (i.e. Ron and Hermione).
  3. The Basilisk’s fangs sure come in handy.


  1. You need to speak Parseltongue to enter.
  2. Tom Riddle might try to kill you.
  3. Again, there is that whole Basilisk thing.

So WOULD YOU RATHER… be stranded in Knockturn Alley or The Chamber of Secrets?

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Thanks to Jeanna Marie for the inspiration for these posts!