Evanna Lynch talks “My Name is Emily” as filming wraps

We previously shared set photos and video from My Name is Emily, Evanna Lynch’s first film as a lead actress. Filming on the Irish drama has now completed, reports the Hollywood Reporter, and Evanna had a few things to say about her experience.

The story is of a teenage girl who leaves her foster home along with the boy who loves her to seek out her father, who is in a mental institution. Evanna explained why she was so excited to take the role.

After I read the script, it and Emily were all I could think about for weeks. It is so different to anything I’ve read and yet so real and dynamic, and it is an absolute privilege and a joy to have the opportunity to help bring My Name Is Emily to life with Simon and his team.

The film is written and directed by Simon Fitzmaurice, who suffers from motor neuron disease (ALS). Impressively, he both typed the script and directed the film using iris recognition software. Fitzmaurice said in a statement,

Making this film is the realization of a serious amount of work and love from my wonderful producers. We are surrounded by the most committed group of cast and crew it has been my pleasure to work with. For me, it has been worth every effort just to be here on set in the calm at the center of the hurricane.

Evanna also expressed her admiration for the director.

Simon is an incredible person, and he is embracing challenges the like that no director has had to contend with before, and it is awe-inspiring simply to be in the midst of that.

What do you think of Fitzmaurice’s unique challenge in making his film come to life? Are you excited to see My Name is Emily?

Catherine Lai

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