Five Actors Who Should Play Newt in “Fantastic Beasts”

Amid the news of release dates forFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, many fans are left wondering who the cast will be – are there even enough actors who haven’t been in the Potter films, yet? Will Newt be young, having just left Hogwarts, or an older wizard? I’ve compiled a list of five actors I would love to see appear in the film series – comment with which actor you want to play Newt! MuggleNet writer Claire gave her own suggestions here.

*Author’s note: this is pure speculation – there has been no indication from Warner Bros, Jo, or director David Yates as to who will be playing Newt.

  1. Matt Smith – Matt seems like the most obvious choice: he hasn’t been in the Potter films yet, he has a huge fan base, and he’s certainly known to play eccentric and intelligent characters, which this role will almost certainly call for – and it would certainly be nice to see Matt on screen again!
  2. Andrew Garfield – Known best for playing Spiderman, Andrew Garfield has a great range of emotion – quirky to sarcastic to angry to disappointed. If he’s like any Potter character we know and love, Newt will be both hilarious and heartbreaking. I’d also just really like to see Andrew in a wizard’s hat and robes.
  3. Luke Newberry – Although cast in Deathly Hallows Part 2 as Teddy Lupin, since his scene didn’t make the final cut, I think he should be considered to play Newt. Luke is the youngest actor on the list (which would add an interesting dynamic to Newt’s character, if he’s just out of Hogwarts) and while he’s developed a fan base on In the Flesh, he’s obscure enough that most fans will be able to see him just as Newt.
  4. Hugh Grant – A classic of British film, Hugh Grant would be an unconventional, but intriguing choice for Newt. An older, more sophisticated Newt is not what fans are expecting, and Hugh Grant would no doubt catch people off guard, and he would certainly make for a charming lead for the film.
  5. Freema Agyeman – Though unconventional, I think it would be fascinating to see Newt portrayed as a woman of color – no where is it said that Newt is a white male. Besides the fact that there aren’t nearly enough black women in contemporary film, Freema’s stint on Doctor Who proved she can play a clever and adventurous young person – everything Newt should be!