“Harry Potter” props to be auctioned off in London

We’ve just heard about a rare opportunity for all you serious collectors out there! Prop Store, a company specializing in authentic movie collectibles, has two props from the Harry Potter films that will be featured in their live auction at Vue Cinemas in London on October 16. At that time, bids will be taken live in person, over the phone, and online. If you can’t wait to start bidding on these great items, you can also begin placing bids online now if you create an account on the Prop Store’s website.

The first item featured is Sir Cadogan’s complete set of armor from the filming of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Here’s the description of the armor from the auction catalog:

A suit of armour worn by the hapless knight Sir Cadogan (Paul Whitehouse) in Alfonso Cuarón’s fantasy sequel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Sir Cadogan’s role was reduced significantly in the final cut of the film, and the character was only seen in the background dashing from portrait to portrait when the Fat Lady’s slashed portrait was discovered.

Handmade in aluminium by legendary armourer Terry English, the set consists of a pot-bellied chest piece, back piece, arms, gauntlets, thigh guards, leg guards, pauldrons hanging from each shoulder and a helmet with a pointed visor. A set of knitted chainmail is present, although its use in the movie is unverified. English’s signature “T” stamp is present on several armour pieces.

It appears that a number of components were replaced with plastic elements for shooting, but the costume was returned to its original state after production. The helmet and chest piece are both signed and inscribed on the interior in red ink: “Paul Whitehouse, Sir Cadogan, Harry Potter III, Terry English, 2003.” The suit remains in very good condition with some light marks and dents from production use. Dressed height: 185 cm (73”)

You can check out several Hi-Res images of the armor in the gallery below:

If you’d like even more views of the armor, be sure to check out the catalog page.

The second item is a rare Ministry Production Manual created as a gift for cast and crew during work on Deathly Hallows. From the catalog:

A cast and crew gift book given to personnel working on David Yates'[s] fantasy epic Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A memento for those who worked on set at Leavesden Studios, the ‘Ministry Production Manual’ features a purple hardback cover with Ministry of Magic insignia on the front and back. Each of the books printed were numbered, and this is #934.

Filled with photographs of the cast and crew, the book highlights the work of everyone on the production, including the cast, the art and costume departments, legal department and even the production’s medical centre. The book consists of 202 pages and remains in very good condition. Dimensions: 31 cm x 25 cm x 2.5 cm (12¼” x 9¾” x 1”)

Take a peek inside the book below:

It’s rare that items such as this become available, so if you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of Potter history, this could be one of your only chances! Be sure to check out the full interactive catalog for the October 16 auction if you’re interested in bidding. Besides these two great Harry Potter items, the Prop Store also has a number of other awesome movie props going up for auction, some of which are currently on display at Vue Cinemas in the White City Westfield Mall in London (though the Potter items are not among them).

If you had the chance to own any single prop from the films, which would it be?

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