WOULD YOU RATHER… Play Magical or Muggle Quidditch? #MNWYR

Let’s just dispel the rumor right now that Muggle Quidditch isn’t real Quidditch. In one version, you’re flying on your broom and in another you’re running with your broom, but who needs the details. Just ask anyone on the UCLA Quidditch team (shout out to Mudbloods!).


 magical quiddtich



  • For starters you’re flying, so that’s pretty cool.
  • Agility.
  • Speed.
  • Better broom choices.


  • A much greater impact to your face if you fall off your broom.
  • More costly.
  • Getting hit by a Bludger hurts a lot worse than being hit with a dodgeball.
  • The Snitch has a much larger area to roam.

muggle quiddtich



  • Great leg workout.
  • Learning to master an arguably more difficult version of the game.
  • It’s not cheap, but it’s easier to buy plastic brooms than Firebolts.
  •  The Snitch is SLIGHTLY easier to catch.


  • Because you’re running, you’re subject to be tripped by the turf monster.
  • Enduring the laughter and jeers of those who judge your sport.
  • The Snitch only earns you 30 points.

So WOULD YOU RATHER… play Magical or Muggle Quidditch? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter using #MNWYR. Thanks to Jeanna Marie for the inspiration for these posts!