Jim Broadbent hands out LAFTA Awards to Lincolnshire’s young filmmakers

Jim Broadbent, best known to Potter fans as Potions professor Horace Slughorn, was on hand at the LAFTA Film Awards last week to hand out awards to the very talented young filmmakers.

Broadbent is, of course, the patron of the LAFTA Awards, which “showcases and celebrates the very best of [Lincolnshire’s] young filmmaking talent.”

Broadbent was greeted to enthusiastic applause when he took the stage. He stated that the quality of the work produced by Lincolnshire’s young filmmakers continues to impress him, saying,

The films get better every year… and this year is no exception. They have been top notch. Filmmaking is the most wonderful creative art to be part of. It is a great honour for me to come along and support everything you do.

Thanks to the Lincolnshire Echo for the tip!

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