Remus Returning

Dear Professor Lupin,

Did you know that you were the coolest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher that Hogwarts has had in such a long time ? I think your lessons were breathtaking! If there was a chance, would you come back and teach again ? We miss the excitement of actually wanting to go to class.


A Humble Hufflepuff

Dear Humble,

It is always such a delight to hear that students have enjoyed a lesson I prepared. The same can be said for all teachers, I am sure. To engage the students is step one for them being able to learn, I feel. I would absolutely return to teach at Hogwarts if/when the climate allows. Being able to pass on my knowledge to young witches and wizards was one of my proudest moments in recent memory. It is something I’m looking greatly forward to doing with my son, Teddy.

Remus Lupin.