Tom Felton’s “Against the Sun” picked up for distribution

We previously shared the teaser trailer for Tom Felton’s Ghosts of the Pacific. The film has now been retitled Against the Sun, and Goldcrest Films has picked up international distribution rights!

Against the Sun is based on a true story of three US Navy airmen whose plane crash lands in the South Pacific in 1942, six weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Tom Felton plays bombardier Tony Pastula. He, pilot Harold Dixon (Garret Dillahunt), and radioman Gene Aldrich (Jake Abel), are strangers assigned to an afternoon scouting mission, but they are forced to abandon their plane and survive on a small raft with no food or supplies.

The film is directed by Brian Falk. It will premiere at the American Film Market this November, and it is scheduled for release in US theaters in late January 2015.

Goldcrest Films’s managing director, Pascal Degove, said of the movie,

Real life stories of extraordinary feats of human endurance continue to thrill audiences globally, and Brian’s story has it all, from a bone-shaking plane crash, to tumultuous seas and voracious sharks. This is ‘127 Hours’ meets ‘Open Water.’ And it genuinely happened.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer here! Are you looking forward to seeing Against the Sun?

Catherine Lai

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