Essay contest finalists from the Harry Potter Festival at Chestnut Hill College

Last month’s Harry Potter Festival at Chestnut Hill College was an exciting time for everyone who attended but especially for the finalists of the Harry Potter essay contest. Seven high schoolers’ essays were chosen, and from those seven, two winners received $10,000 scholarships to the college.

Today, we’re showcasing a few of the finalists’ essays in the Quibbler! We’re hoping to get all seven up on the site soon, but for now, check out these three:

To kick things off, we have an essay about Ron Weasley courtesy of Sarah P. She argues that, while Ron isn’t perfect, his flaws can help readers identify with the story.

Next up, take a look at this editorial about the role of death in the wizarding world. Kerri C. expertly explores how death affects different characters in the Potterverse.

And finally, an in-depth analysis of Snape’s character by Kat M. What would Snape see in the Mirror of Erised? Click here to find out!

What do you think of these editorials? Let us know in the comments. Inspired to write your own essays about Harry Potter? Check out this month’s Quibbler contest!