Helping a friendship that has gone sour

Dear Mrs.Lovegood,

I am having a little friendship problem here. I f you reply to this, I would likely to appreciate. A former friend of mine (Just call her H) is always misunderstanding me. I really liked her at the first, but then she became a snobby, selfish, and spoiled kid as she gained more friends, and our relationship has become the worst.

Mrs.Lovegood, how can she recovers to her old plain self ? Help !



It’s always hard to lose a friend. However, I have to ask: do you really want to be friends with someone snobby and spoiled who treats you badly? I’m sorry to say I haven’t yet discovered a spell, potion, or system to change a person who has chosen to act unpleasantly.

But hope is not lost! If you feel comfortable doing so, it might be time to sit H down and have a talk about how her behavior has affected you. Be honest and gentle when you explain your feelings, and be sure to stress how important her friendship is to you. Maybe that’s all it will take for H to realize–and start correcting–her bad behavior.

If she reacts defensively or doesn’t change her treatment of you, be as patient and kind as you can be with her–even if that means putting some distance between you two–and hopefully, with time, she will come to understand how her behavior has caused the breakdown of a friendship. Remember: there’s no shame in ending a friendship that has gone bad.

I’ll keep hoping for a reconciliation for you and H. Good luck!