Luna stands up to bullying

Dear Luna Lovegood.

You are one of my role models because I know what it’s like to be different and have people treat you differently. I admire your courage and strength.

How do I stand up to bullies?
I’ve been bullied since I started school but the bullying got worse when I came out as a Lesbian.
In ways we are alike but others treat me differently like i’m a disease.
They call me
Lipstick Lesbian
Ugly Lesbian
I want to be strong like you, how do I find my inner strength.

I would really appreciate if you replied, but I do know how busy you are.

Lots of Love
Hurt Hufflepuff

Dear Hurt Hufflepuff,

I’m never too busy to tell a brave, strong Hufflepuff how proud I am that she is being true to herself. What you did was a difficult and courageous thing that some people never find the strength to do, and you will only be better for it. Very, very well done.

I’m sorry that your peers don’t feel the same way, and are showing their displeasure and fear so nastily. People can be cruel when faced with something new and different, which are qualities that are often perceived as something threatening–I should know. Sadly, it’s hard to change the minds of people who have settled on a negative feeling. I hope by this time that some allies have revealed themselves to you–perhaps a teacher, or a classmate with two mums or two dads who can stand with you against unwarranted prejudice and bigotry.

When you find yourself doubting your strength, please remember that you’ve made the biggest leap already–acknowledging and accepting your true self, to yourself. Others will follow in time–the world is changing for the better when it comes to accepting all sorts of the most powerful protective magic there is: love.

All my love to you, Hurt Hufflepuff.