WOULD YOU RATHER… have the series remade or left alone? #MNWYR

I often consider the possibility of a Harry Potter remake, and while it most likely wouldn’t happen for at least another ten years if it happens at all, I have huge reservations along with the possible improvements that could be made.



  1. The ability to involve more details of the storyline.
  2. Consistency – having one director for all of the movies.
  3. A resurgence of the fandom.
  4. Even better graphics and FX.


  1. Difficulty getting actors to sign on for an extended period of time.
  2. Because the current actors have been involved with the series for so long, it would be hard to “replace” them.
  3. Budget.
  4. Having the series become too “Hollywood-ized.”



  1. Avoids the danger of the series being, once again, altered too much for the screen.
  2. There is already so much going on in the Potter-verse that there is no need for a remake.
  3. Although there were some serious changes I didn’t like, remakes are generally never as good as the original.


  1. Missing aspects that weren’t put into the current films.
  2. Trying to draw new fans to older movies.

So WOULD YOU RATHER have the series remade or left alone? I think strong arguments could be made for either side. Tell us your thoughts below or over on Twitter using #MNWYR.



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