Jason Isaacs talks recent and upcoming projects

Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) recently sat down with Rogue to discuss current and upcoming projects. While the interview covers several of his recent projects, it focuses heavily on Field of Lost Shoes, a Civil War movie featuring Isaacs as Major General John C. Breckinridge.

When asked about the research he did for the historical movie, he had this to say:

I do as much research as I can. It can be useful and very interesting. I dig it. I did as much reading as I could, but it is not like I spent months at a library. Wikipedia is always helpful [-] and a few other places.

Next he talked about the issues his character may have had sending young people off to the war and revealed more research he had done.

I have actually met quite a few soldiers in my time, some British and some American. It is hard for anyone […] who [has] never been there to imagine war. The best thing that I have found to do, if it is possible, is to read contemporary accounts. I have read pre-historian accounts, and I have watched documentaries. I read diaries from the time because that will get you inside the minds of the people, and luckily these are very literary folks. Breckinridge wrote a lot, and a lot of other people from that time recorded their thoughts.

While many of Isaacs’s recent projects are lesser known, Fury has been part of the award nomination buzz this week, including on MuggleNet! He specifically talked about working with director David Ayer:

I actually knew David Ayer a little bit before because we almost did two other projects together at one point. He sent me the script. I said, ‘You’ll never get to make this. Not like this.’ It was just so full of arbitrary death and so morally complex. It was surprising in many ways. He said, ‘I am making it. Do you want to be in it?’ I was stunned, not that they were going to make it because they did a great job [-] the story was fantastic [-] but because it was such an interesting time. It was so unapologetic about who these men are and how they had been damaged by war.

For more on Fury, including a trailer, you can check out our previous article!

Finally, Isaacs was also asked about his upcoming show on USA, Dig (which we’ve also reported on), which began filming in Israel until war broke out, when it was subsequently moved to Croatia.

The more time I spend as an actor, the more I choose projects based on the people who are running them. Tim Kring is a master storyteller and creates intrigue like no one else. Gideon Raff, the new kid on the block, did Homeland. The combination of the two of them was irresistible. It is a very intriguing show with layers and layers of puzzles and conspiracy theories. […] One of the things that has been really shocking for me is how many of the extraordinary storylines they got from real life and how many lunatics are out there who intend on destroying most of our planet just for their own extremist beliefs.

This was only a glimpse of the amazing interview given by Rogue. For the entire interview, click hereField of Lost Shoes will be available on DVD and VOD (Video on Demand) December 2. Fury is out now in theaters, and Dig will be airing on USA Network on March 5, 2015.

What do you think about Isaacs’s upcoming projects? Are you excited for them? Have you seen him in Fury? Let us know!