WOULD YOU RATHER… Have the Fat Lady or Sir Cadogan Guarding Your Common Room? #MNWYR

If you are (or were) a Gryffindor, you know these two quite well. Let’s take a look.


the fat lady



  • Very good about keeping intruders out.
  • She can sing (just kidding).
  • She takes her job seriously.


  • Reprimands you if you return late.
  • Tends to get drunk a lot.
  • Also tends to fall asleep, and much to her annoyance, you have to wake her up to give her the password.


sir cadogan



  • He was supposedly a knight of the Round Table (Medieval is my favorite time period).
  • He was the only one brave enough (or dumb enough) to guard Gryffindor Tower after the attack on the Fat Lady.
  • Highly entertaining (depending on who you ask).


  • Constantly challenges people to duels.
  • Makes up ridiculous passwords.
  • And changes them several times a day.
  • He let Sirius Black into Gryffindor Tower (partially Neville’s fault from his list of passwords, but again, Sir Cadogan drove him to keeping a list).

So WOULD YOU RATHER… have the Fat Lady or Sir Cadogan guarding your common room? Comment below, or leave us your answers over on Twitter using #MNWYR.