5 Things Magic Taught Me About the Muggle World

Reading the Harry Potter series has taught us all countless things over the past 17 years (can you believe it has been so long?), but there’s something about magic that teaches us something beyond bravery and friendship – magic teaches us what is possible, and what power we have, even as Muggles. Here are five lessons magic taught me that can be applied to the Muggle world.

  1. Anything is possible with faith and practice – All through the books, magic is proven to be a skill that requires constant practice, and a little belief in yourself, as Neville most memorably learns through the DA lessons when he successfully disarms someone. When we work hard and believe that what we do will work, we are capable of accomplishing so much – how else would Potter fans have created wizard rock or the Harry Potter Alliance?
  2. Doing what you love takes time and dedication – Hermione wouldn’t be a great witch if she hadn’t practiced her magic diligently for years. Wizards study for seven (or more!) years to learn about magic and achieve their dreams. For Muggles, that means we need to dedicate ourselves to what we love to get better at it. Great wizards are made, not born!
  3. It matters not what someone is born, but who they grow to be – As proven by Hermione Granger and Lily Evans, being born to Muggle parents has no impact on a witch or wizard’s ability. Just because someone is told they are less than, or born into disadvantage, doesn’t mean they are incapable of achieving a.
  4. We are stronger together than when we stand alone – One wizard can make a difference, but one thousand wizards together make even stronger magic, a powerful metaphor for the importance of unity in affecting change in the Muggle world, whether in activism, or standing up for a friend.
  5. We have the power to change the world within us – As Jo so astutely said, we don’t need magic to change the world. But magic is an incredible metaphor for what we all inherently have as a capacity to change the world as Potter fans: compassion, dedication, bravery and passion.What important lessons has magic taught you?