Fan Art of the Week: Emma Watson’s portrait

Fan art does not always have to be a re-imagining of a fictional character. We have for you this week a painting of Emma Watson done by a fan from Sweden. Julia’s painting vividly represents Emma’s facial features. Created with Julia’s signature watercolor dappled effect, it accentuates the powerful as well as beautiful curvatures of Emma’s face. To add to the natural tones, plus create a three-dimensional experience, Julia included a flower crown in the final product.

If you wish to see more of Julia watercolors, oil paintings, or other miscellaneous work check out Julia’s Instagram. Head on over to our fan art page to look through other exceptional fan creations we have featured in the past. At the top of the page you will see the rules for submitting your own fan art to potentially be featured in any of our future articles.

Victoria Velasco

I was first introduced to the Boy Wizard in 1999 through my aunt and fell in love with the stories when I started reading them in 2005. As a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies, I'm a hard-working creative who loves Graphic Design, Landscape Photography, Doctor Who, and Disneyland.