• Rebecca S.

    Nice quiz! The only thing is, “Balderdash” was a password during Harry’s fourth year. So all of those passwords were used at some point, and none of the answers is correct.

    • sgreybe

      I also wondered about this but then assumed they meant which password was not used in Harry’s third year, but you’re right, the question is phrased incorrectly.

  • Emma Hook

    It says in Fantastic Beasts that Kappas are from Japan, not Mongolia. I think either Snape was misinformed or he was just looking for an excuse to bash Lupin’s teaching.

  • Jillian the Ravenclaw



    Arithmacy was spelled incorrectly so technically that was not a class at 9am. But I understood the intent…

  • sgreybe

    7 out of 7. These are quite fun.

  • Balderdash was used by the Fat Lady. In the fourth year I think.