“I Ship It”

If you’ve see the Very Potter musicals (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), then this short film, written and directed by Yulin Kuang, is one for you. A quirky, romantic comedy, influenced by Harry Potter and starring Joey Richter, I Ship It is uniquely brilliant, and it sets a precedent for how all geeky romances should unfold.

After a bad split with her boyfriend (Joey Richter), Zoe (Mary Kate Wiles) spirals into depression with her best friend, Charlie (Sean Persaud), who also recently broke up with his girlfriend. At first, Peter finding a new “Ginny” depresses Zoe, and she spends her time sulking over wrock songs she and Peter sang together.

Then the flyer for the Wizard Rock Battle of the Bands is posted, and Zoe is livid that she is not mentioned on the flyer, but Peter and his new girlfriend are. With the help of Charlie, she writes a new song to get back at Peter.

Her vengeance seems short-lived when Peter and his new girlfriend, Macy, follow her performance by singing the same song she and Peter wrote together. All seems lost, but it seems Charlie has been hiding his true feelings for Zoe.

In a visual storytelling full of witty one-liners, broody soliloquies, and plenty of clever wrock lyrics, I Ship It is definitely worth the 20 minutes. While watching, also pay careful attention to the scenery and other little details. It’s one of my favorite aspects that gives the film its charm.

Watch the full video here: